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Wellcome to your check-in online,

I am Velma, the virtual butler for your upcoming vacation, and I welcome you to a fantastic stay with us.

From here, you can do your pre-check-in by easily providing your details. Upon your arrival, everything will be ready, and you will only need to show your ID and pick up your room key.



Is it possible to check-in online from mobile and PC?

Yes, it can be done both from the smartphone and from the PC.

Do I have to go through the reception of the Hotel?

Yes, stop by so we can say you hello, and by the way, so we can activate and give you the room keys.

What is the number of my reservation or voucher?

If you have made the reservation with us through the web, telephone or email, it is the number that we have sent you in the reservation confirmation.

If you have booked with, you can use the confirmation number of your reservation that they have sent you.

It does not recover the reservation with the data that I enter

One of the most common problems is in surnames. It is important to enter the surnames exactly as they appear on the reservation.

How long before arrival can I check-in online?

As soon as you have a reservation with a confirmation number you can check-in online.

If there is a technical problem and I cannot check-in online, what can I do?

If there is a problem with the web page, wait a few minutes to try again. If you see that the problem persists, you can contact the hotel on +34 951 558 855 or

Why do you ask me to sign a document?

Don't worry, it's normal. It is the Police record that all hotels are obliged to provide to customers who occupy a room and has to be signed. If it is not signed during the online check-in, it will have to be signed at the hotel. This information is sent by all hotels to the Police and we do not have permission to use it for any other purpose.

Do I have to check-in online for the companions of my room?

Yes, by legal regulations all room occupants have to check-in and sign the police record.

We are two occupants of a room but we are not together, how do we check-in online?

Nothing happens, as many occupants as have been reserved will appear, each one with their smart phone can enter the reservation data to access and complete the online check-in.

If I have several rooms reserved, how can I check-in online?

When accessing the online check-in, all the rooms you have reserved will appear.

We recommend that each room occupants make the online check-in just in his own room. The occupants of the other rooms, can access the online check-in with the same reservation data, and they would simply have to check-in the room they are going to occupy. Rooms that have already been checked-in will appear with the guest data filled in.

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Enjoy Luque's Bar 2X1 on a wide variety of drinks! Schedule and products to check at the Bar.



The wide culinary offerings of Villa Flamenca is composed of three different spaces where you can enjoy lunch with an extensive menu of snacks (salads, hamburgers, wraps, pizzas, etc.) or dinner with our à la carte dishes cooked using local products. Enjoy the cuisine of Villa Flamenca!

Breakfast Buffet

The Patio Buffet Restaurant is a spacious lounge located inside the hotel overlooking the pool through its large windows. You can enjoy a buffet with pastries, cereals, juices, jams, sausages, as well as an area where we cook eggs and tortillas according to your preference and the ingredients of your choice. We also have a special section for celiacs: enjoy sugar-free jams, lactose-free milk or soy milk.

Opening hours: 8:00 - 11:00 a.m. (open to the general public)

Located next to the pool, we offer you a delicious snack menu. Some of the options that you can find here are salads for vegetarians, hamburgers, sandwiches and homemade desserts.

Our skilled bar tenders will provide you with a great selection of cocktails, smoothies and ice teas.

Opening Hours during 2022 season:  Every day from 11 am until 23 pm. 


Menu a la Carte

During autumn and winter, you can enjoy our Menu a la Carte and in spring-summer season, the Terrace Restaurant is moved towards the pool where you can enjoy the warm afternoons and nights under the moonlight.

Opening hours: Closed

Luque's Snack Bar

Luque's Snacks-Bar, located next to the reception, with its pleasant and comfortable terrace overlooking the street where you can watch time go by.

Enjoy a breakfast in the morning, a snack at any time of the day; vegetarian salads, burgers, sandwiches and our homemade desserts. And in the afternoon relax and enjoy our "Happy Hour" (take 2 and pay 1) from 16:30 to 17:30 every day.

Have you already tried any of our delicious cocktails, smoothies or cold teas? Our expert waiters will present you a menu with a large selection, in addition to being able to make any combination you want.
Opening hours for Hotel´s residents: Every day from 1 pm until 11 pm.  
"Happy Hour": 4:30 to 5:30 pm.


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Villa Club

At Villa Flamenca we reward your loyalty.

Sign up for Villa Club and start adding up the nights of your stay in our hotel in order to enjoy additional discounts and exclusive advantages. This Club your accumulated number of nights will translate into special gifts, advantages and discounts that you will enjoy at Hotel Villa Flamenca. You will also have a Virtual Card to identify yourself as a Club member, as well as your own Virtual Wallet to consult your accumulated nights. Join in, add up your nights and start drawing on the additional discounts and exclusive advantages.

5 NIGHTS a year


Early Check-in (upon availability)

Late Check-Out (upon availability)

Raffle of 5 Weekends in B&B

3% Descount on our room rates just in our Web Page


18 NIGHTS a year

Early Check-in (upon availability)

Late Check-Out (upon availability)

Welcome Drink

Minibar: 2 Bottles of water per day

Raffle of 5 Weekends in B&B

6% Descount on our room rates just in our Web Page

30 NIGHTS a year

Early Check-in (upon availability)

Late Check-Out (upon availability)

Upgrade to superior room (upon availability)

Welcome Drink

Minibar: 2 Bottles of water per day

One Dinner Invitation

Sauna - Hamman Invitation (Upon availability)

Farewell Gift

Raffle of 5 Weekends in B&B

10% Descount on our room rates just in our Web Page


and advantages


It's very simple! The way VILLA CLUB works is to make you even more to enjoy every day of your stay with us.
All you have to do is accumulate nights at Hotel Villa Flamenca making your reservation on our official website. Every time you stay with us, you will be adding additional nights to your account. The number of nights you accumulate will determine the Club´s level to which you belong to and, therefore, the privileges and advantages that correspond to you. Discover all of them below!

When you sign up, you will receive a welcome email with your VILLA CLUB Card. Instantly, your Profile Page will be enabled and your Virtual Wallet will be operational, so every time you book on our official website, your stay nights will be added on it.

Would you like to join Villa Club?

For more information and enrolment in our Club: VILLA CLUB 

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Where to find us?

Hotel Villa Flamenca
C/ Andalucía 1
29780 Nerja (Málaga), España