Welcome to your check-in online

I am Velma, the virtual butler for your upcoming vacation, and I welcome you to a fantastic stay with us.

From here, you can do your pre-check-in by easily providing your details. Upon your arrival, everything will be ready, and you will only need to show your ID and pick up your room key.


Is it possible to check-in online from mobile and PC?

Yes, it can be done both from the smartphone and from the PC.

Do I have to go through the reception of the Hotel?

Yes, stop by so we can say you hello, and by the way, so we can activate and give you the room keys.

What is the number of my reservation or voucher?

If you have made the reservation with us through the web, telephone or email, it is the number that we have sent you in the reservation confirmation.

If you have booked with Booking.com, you can use the confirmation number of your reservation that they have sent you.

It does not recover the reservation with the data that I enter

One of the most common problems is in surnames. It is important to enter the surnames exactly as they appear on the reservation.

How long before arrival can I check-in online?

As soon as you have a reservation with a confirmation number you can check-in online.

If there is a technical problem and I cannot check-in online, what can I do?

If there is a problem with the web page, wait a few minutes to try again. If you see that the problem persists, you can contact the hotel on +34 951 558 855 or info@hotelvillaflamenca.com.

Why do you ask me to sign a document?

Don't worry, it's normal. It is the Police record that all hotels are obliged to provide to customers who occupy a room and has to be signed. If it is not signed during the online check-in, it will have to be signed at the hotel. This information is sent by all hotels to the Police and we do not have permission to use it for any other purpose.

Do I have to check-in online for the companions of my room?

Yes, by legal regulations all room occupants have to check-in and sign the police record.

We are two occupants of a room but we are not together, how do we check-in online?

Nothing happens, as many occupants as have been reserved will appear, each one with their smart phone can enter the reservation data to access and complete the online check-in.

If I have several rooms reserved, how can I check-in online?

When accessing the online check-in, all the rooms you have reserved will appear.

We recommend that each room occupants make the online check-in just in his own room. The occupants of the other rooms, can access the online check-in with the same reservation data, and they would simply have to check-in the room they are going to occupy. Rooms that have already been checked-in will appear with the guest data filled in.

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